Plaster Bandage

We are engaged in offering plaster bandages to the interested clients. The bandages are intended to support the plaster when one has got his/her bones fractured due to fall or other accidents.

Bone Grafting Material

We have brought a range of bone grafting material, which is used for stimulating the growth of new bone tissues. The material is a reliable option and strictly adheres to medical conditions.

Air Cast

The Aircast is among the top most demanded clinic settings product. It is made in a way to protect the ankle from sprains, foot injuries etc. It offers a natural control to the wearer.

Neck Aids

A collection of neck aids such as cervical collar is here to provide neck stability to the patients with cervical or similar neck problems. It is often recommended by healthcare providers.

Chest Braces

We have brought chest braces, which are abundantly demanded in the clinic settings such as hospitals and healthcare centers. People with chest surgeries are recommended to wear this brace for good stability and support.

Knee and Ankle Supports Braces

We are enthusiastically involved in supplying knee and ankle support braces which are made for the patients, who have undergone knee and ankle surgeries. They provide stability and support to the knees.


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