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Compression Stockings

We are a reputed company that is offering compression stockings to our interested customers. They are hosiery garments which are specifically designed for applying pressure to the legs, ankles and feet. They are instrumental in preventing and treating various conditions like varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema and edema. Compression stockings compress the veins and muscles in the legs. They improve the blood flow and reduce swelling. They are heavily employed by athletes and people who have to stand or sit for long periods to improve blood circulation and reducing fatigue. They are being offered with different strengths of compression.

Medi Duomed above knee stockings

Medi Duomed above knee stockings
Price: 5888 INR/Box

Comprezon Antiembolism Stockings

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Material:Latex
  • Provide Support To:Back
  • Disposable:Yes
Price: 499.00 INR/Box

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