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Air Cast

Air Cast orthopaedic products are highly popular because of their technological innovations in patient care. These products are manufactured using advance technology and each product is developed using the concept of functional management. We keep the international standard and make the products so that it can cater to various types of orthopaedic ailments such as sprains, muscle injuries, severe bone injuries and others. We offer a wide range of air cast products such as Donjoy reaction knee, Donjoy OA ADJUSTER 3, Aircast pneumatic armband, Aircast AirSport etc. We offer products that support various muscles and ankle stabilisation. These products are also user-friendly and give precise range of motion control.
Product Image (donjoy OA Nano )


Price: 41554.00 INR/Piece

* Combining Nano MAG, a new hi-tech material, with DonJoys proven adjuster technology, OA Nano is the worlds lightest functional OA knee brace available, keeping patients moving forward. * Ideal Application * Mild to moderate unicompartmental OA. Ideal for patients who want to stay active and move freely. *Features and Benefits - The use of innovative, hi-tech Nano MAG (on the loading side) provides strength for off-loading - The flexibility of the magnesium frame provides an intimate fit and increased comfort - DonJoys clinically proven 3-point off-loading technology shifts the compressive loads from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment - The 4-Points-of-Leverage frame design provides additional protection for the ligaments - DonJoys proven contoured design enhances brace suspension no matter the level of activity * Colour - Black, Gray * Description - OA Nano Right Medial XS, S, M, L, XL

Product Image (DONJOY Playmaker II)

Knee Guard

Price: 14500.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application:- - The Playmaker II is suitable for mild ACL, MCL and LCL instabilities. * Features and Benefits :- New overall design and enhancements to ensure stability and comfort for mild ligament strains New advanced spacer materail promotes a cool effect while delivering a lighter & slimmer profile New Hi10 material on posterior panel (seamless, high tenacity nylon spandex blend) provides improved air flow and unmatched comfort and fit New molded strap ends are designed for easy application and durability Proven DIII hinge brings a custom design to manage ROM options * Measuring Guide- - Sizes Available: XS-XXXL Measurements taken 15cm above mid-patella * Colour - Black * Description- Playmaker II XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Product Image (airsport)

Aircast AirSport

Price: 2477.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application- 1. Acute ankle distortion. 2.Ligament lesion. 3.Post-operative application. 4.Chronic ankle instability. 5. Prophylaxis. * Features and Benefits- 1. Foam-filled aircell cushions and supports the ankle 2. Semi-rigid encased shell offers proven Air-Stirrup support 3. Coated fabric for durability 4. ATF cross-strap for ankle stabilisation 5. Integral forefoot and shin wraps for support 6. Automatic heel width adjustment for easy application *colour - black Description -Airsport RT XS, S, M, L, XL

Product Image (aircast A60 ankle support )

Aircast A60 Ankle Support

Price: 2501.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application -Prophylaxis. -Chronic instability. * Features and Benefits - A60 stabiliser guards against rollover and helps prevent sprains - Breath-O-Prene fabric keeps wearer cool and dry - Sleek, anatomic design for a comfortable bulk-free fit - Simple single strap application and adjustment * Colour - Black, White *Description - A60 - RT - S, M, L

Product Image (aircast)

Aircast A2 Wrist Brace

Price: 1736.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application - Wrist injuries (ligament instability, sprian or muscle strain) - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Post-operative application - Post-removal of casting or splint * Features and Benefits :- - Dual stabilizers restrict wrist movement while permitting full finger function. - Adjustable straps and three sizes ensure personalized fit. - Contoured shape and breathable fabric promote comfort. - Available with Thumb Spica to hold thumb securely in place. *Colour - Black * Description - A2 Wrist RT S, M, L

Product Image (donjoy X-Act ROM elbow)

Donjoy X- Act ROM Elbow

Price: 23895 INR/Box

* Ideal Application - - Fixed or controlled range of motin post-injury or post-op. Stable fractures, Biceps repair. Mild to severe soft tissue injuries. * Features and Benefits - -New, streamlinedm, durable lateral aluminium hinge maximises protection and minimises brace weight. - User friendly settings provide precise range of motion control; - Flexion settings from -10to 120 in 10 increments - Extension settings from -10to 90 in 10 increments - Easy quick-lock from 0to 90 in 15 increments - Swivel action quick-clip buckles attach easily and provide close fitting contour around the arm - Telefit mechanism allows independent length adjustment - Universal fit with telescoping adjustablility from 36 cm to 46 cm (14 to 18). - Cuffs telescope independently allowing for a more precise fit on any size patient - Unique semi rigid thermoformed & mouldable liners with anit-migration properties - Plush ComfortFrom padding maximises comfort for long-term wear.



Price: 1040.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application - The pneumatic Armband is designed to treat tennis elbow. Using a single pre-inflated aircell, the armband concentrates compression directly on the extensor muscle, not around the arm, for more support and less constriction. Designed for comfort and versatility, the rmband is designed to conform to the arms tapered contour and comfortably cushions the sensitive injured muscle. * Features and Benefits- - Focused compression for less constriction -Breathable material enhances comfort and wearability -Simple, effective design makes it easy to apply -One size fits most for reduced inventory requirements. * Colour - Black * Description - Pneumatic Armband Universal Sizing



Price: 33000.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application- Moderate to severe ACL, MCL & LCL instabilities. * Features and Benefits Clinically proven 4-Points-of-Leverage design & FourcePoint hinge technology to maximise ACL protection Aircraft aluminium grade frame to reduce the brace weight and to improve comfort Mouldable frame for custom fitting Low profile design to minimise visual brace apprearance Internally mounted swivelling strap tabs to help accommodate leg movement Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance & bilateral use Carbon fibre aspect * Colour -Black * Description - Full Force ACL, RT, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Product Image (donjoy oa adujster)


Price: 38966 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application- OA Adjuster 3 is indicated for patients with moderate to severe unicompartmental OA, needing significant off-load and ligament stability in a tough durable frame. * Features and Benefits- 1. The use of Nano MAG™ Technology on the offloading side, combined with the durability of the aluminum frame, provides lightweight function with optimal strength. 2. Clinically-Proven DonJoys Adjuster™ technology provides adjustable off- loading with the highest average amount of condylar separation 3. 4 Points of Leverage™ system pioneered by DonJoy provides clinically proven ligament stability 4. Low-profile hinges and double upright design allow a contoured, personalised fit for all levels of activity 5. New contoured design conforms specifically to the calf, allowing minimal migration and maximum comfort for even the toughest patients.

Product Image (Donjoy reaction Web)


Price: 7150 INR/Piece

The new Reaction Knee Brace is an active, responsive, webbed approach to general anterior knee pain, and a distinct alternative to basic knee sleeves. * Ideal Application- Chondromalacia patella. Osgood -Schlatter Disease. Patella OA, Mild bicompartmental OA. Quadriceps and Patella tendonitis/tendinosis. * Features and Benefits:- 1. The elastomeric web design helps reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee 2. The flexible membranes absorb shock and shift peak loads away from the painful area 3. The contoured fit, compression and stretch of the membranes provide increased proprioception in flexion and extension 4. The web design dynamically stabilises the patella on all sides 5.. Dual axis hinges for additional support 6. Fitted under-sleeve for comfort 7. Open framework provides intimate fit around the patella and captures the anatomic features of the knee 8. The mesh backing creates a comfortable fit and a breathable solution 9. The adjustable straps help the brace remain in place during daily activities

Product Image (air cast )

Aircast Air-striiup classic

Price: 2359.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application- 1. Acute ankle distortion grade I , II & II. 2. Post -Operative application. 3. Chronic ankle instability. * Features and Benefits. :- 1. Semi- rigid , anatomically designed shells for protection, comfort and the prevention of inversion / eversion. 2. patented duplex aircell system to enhance circulation and reduce swelling 3. Pre- inflated aircells for easy application. 4. Streamlined to fit in shoes for early protected weight-bearing.

Product Image (air select)

Aircast Airselect - small

Price: 9451.00 INR/Piece

- The Elite Walking Boot is most advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort and oedema control. the elite has a durable, semi rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. - Stable fractures of the foot, ankle and lower leg. - Severe ankle sprain - Post -operative immobilization. -Reduction of Swelling. -The Short walking boot offers a solution to a number of indications related to the forefoot, mid-foot and hind-foot injuries. The indications for the short are:- 1. Metatarsal fracture 2. Stress and stable fracture of the foot 3. Bunionectomy, hallux valgus 4. Soft tissue injuery 5. Severe ankle sprain

Product Image (aircast)

Aircast Air Select

Price: 10500.00 INR/Piece

Product Name - Aircast AirSelect - AirSelect puts comfort, control and healing in the hands of the patient with the most advanced pneumatic walking boot available. Beneath its sleek appearance are patented technological advances that work together to enhance treatment and improve outcomes. The integrated inflation system lets patients inflate each aircell individually, to maximise comfort and minimise oedema. - The Elite walking boot is the most advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort and oedema control. The Elite has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. - Stable fractures of the foot, ankle and lower leg - Severe ankle sprain - Post-operative immobilization - Reduction of Oedema (swelling).

Product Image (OA reaction )


Price: 10250.00 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application - Early to mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee & patella. OA reaction Web is the ideal first-time choice: it allows patients to get accustomed to wearing a brace, making it easier to transition into a more rigid OA brace when the time comes. -OA Reaction Web is also a good option for patients wishing to use it as a lighter alternative to their usual rigid brace. * Features and Benefits :- 1. Medical-grade silicone web technology provides shock absorption, anterior knee pain relief and mild off-loading. 2. Single malleable aluminium upright (built with 6 degrees of valgus correction) can be bent to adjust the amount of off-load. 3. Single malleable aluminium upright (built with 6 degrees of valgus correction) can be bent to adjust the amount of off-load. 4. The patented, integrated silicone condyle pad provides comfortable offloading of the knee with a non-slip effect. 5. Four-way, adjustable wraparound design makes the brace comfortable to wear and easy to apply. 6. The light weight, low-profile design allows the brace to easily be worn as a discreet pain relief solution before, during and after activity.

Product Image (air-heel)

Aircast Airheel

Price: 3737 INR/Piece

* Ideal Application:- 1. Chronic and acute Achilles tendonitis. 2. Calcaneal pain. 3. plantar facilities. * Features and benefits- 1. Pulsating pneumatic compression minimises swelling and enhances circulation. 2. Lightweight materials and low profile design increase comfort . 3. Simplified design speeds application.

Product Image (11)

XP Walker (Extra Pneumatic)

Price: 499.00 INR/Box
  • Supply Ability:20 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Provide Support To:Back
  • Material:Latex
  • Disposable:Yes

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